RE-CAP: Martock Kinky Rail Jam!

April 21, 2010 | Kinky Rail Jam

Photo: Jess Tasker

The weather for the Valentine’s Day Kinky Rail Jam at Martock was epic, sitting at a perfect 0c in the park
which was shut down just for the ladies. A total of 26 girls from three provinces (Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick) showed up for the event and spent the day throwing down.

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The morning started with the beginner and intermediate clinics where you could tell right away, the level of riding this year was WAY up. Coaches Stephanie & Sarah moved into a game of K-I-N-K-Y with the 19 Intermediate ladies while the beginners learned some new skills with Natasha.

Mid-morning the park cleared to let the two beginner girls show their stuff and they did! These ladies were boardsliding the gap on pink flat box and tearing over the rainbow and volcano box after just learning to ride the park, congrats!

The volunteers had a chance to chow down on some homemade grub & cookies along with some Monster to re-fuel while the Intermediate & Advanced riders warmed up again to show us what female riding in the Atlantic looks like. Twenty-two girls took over the park for this part of the contest where we saw a ton of 270 frontboards, lipslides on both urban down boxes, backside 50-50′s, 5-0′s, and much more!

Everyone joined back in for a fun jam on the pink box where the judges were looking for
the best trick. Prince Edward Island local Kayla impressed ‘em with a super smooth 270 frontboard.
The intermediate contest ended with the youngest rider (11 years old!!) taking it all followed by locals Alexe P. and Amber.

Coach Sarah Payzant hit her head at the end of the contest and got to find out she was the big winner for the day while in the hospital getting checked out! Charlotte took advanced 2nd and coach Stephanie took third.

After a wicked day we got to get together and hand out a MASSIVE amount of prizes. Here’s how it went down.


Kayla Mcpherson (PEI)

WINNER: Chrstina Retson (NS)
Runner-up: Livy Fraser (NS)

1. Erin Harris
2. Isabelle Allen

1. Christina Retson
2. Alexe Patenaude
3. Amber Shute
4. Livy Fraser
5. Nikki Meyer

1. Sarah Payzant (NS)
2. Charlotte Butcher (NS)
3. Stephanie Meagher (NS)
4. Chanelle Roy (NB)
5. Kayla Mcpherson (PEI)

Many thanks to all the staff who volunteered to help make this day possible and all the girls that came out to ride and compete!

The Kinky Rail Jam series is presented by NIKITA
In partnership with: Sentury Snowboards,, Basecamp, Updown magazine, Women’s Snowboard Federation, Adrenaline Divas, The New New.
Sponsored by: Dakine, West49, Matix, DVS, Les Ettes, Nibz, Red Button Creative, Dialogue, Robot Leather, Flave, Evolve camps.

All Photos by Jess Tasker


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