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March 31, 2011 | Events, Featured, Kinky Rail Jam, Photos

Written by: Sarah Payzant (pictured above!)

“I arrived at Martock to be greeted by Natasha and Kita setting up the A1 tent for the event. I ran over and started helping them put it together – it was quite windy out so doing so was quite the task. Finally it was up and it was time for me to head inside, grab a Martock breakfast, and start registration! The girls start rolling in looking super stoked for the day, and in no time I realize it’s time to head to the park to start the beginner and intermediate clinics. We had two pretty sick lines to choose from – an urban step-down tube rail to a flat pink box and an urban kink to an up-down corrugated pipe. Most of the morning was spent sessioning the tube rail and pink box, with girls stomping many rugged tricks! Frontside boards and boardslides on the tube rail, half cab on to switch backside 3 out on the flat box… along with some steezy presses, tweaked out nose and tail slides and one of my personal favourite tricks to do…slides with grabs.

The game of K.I.N.K.Y for Intermediate riders begun with myself as the leader/demonstrator. I started off easy but stepped the game up pretty quick…these girls were just too good and weren’t knocking off any letters. I got them on a few tricks though, seeing how well they could stop the rotation of their snowboard…or seeing how low they could go to grab that board! Nikki Meyer walked away with the least amount of letters and a pair of Vans boots that were actually her size – she was super stoked!

The beginner riders were next to take over the park with a half hour contest jam. Seeing how much these girls improved during just a few hours in the morning clinic always makes me grin from ear to ear. Ten year-old Isabelle walked away with 1st, followed by Chantal in 2nd and Kate in 3rd.

Soon it was time for me to start hiking up the hill for the intermediate/advanced jam. I love the adrenaline rush of standing at the top of the park getting ready to drop in for my first run in a contest! By this time, we had mini-lakes forming at the bottom of the first features making it tricky to have enough speed to hit the second ones. You had to land your tricks perfectly or it wasn’t happening!

The intermediate girls showed the advanced riders what they should be watching out for next season – they KILLED it! We saw front-boards on the down tube and pink box, board-slides, 50-50’s through the kink…even with some 180’s out. Christina took 1st intermediate, followed close behind with Livy in 2nd, and pulling up in 3rd was a new face, Mary Ann, who shredded hard all day!

In the advanced jam, the famous (in my world at least) Dallas Rourke slayed the park like there was no tomorrow. Switch tricks, front-boards, lip-slides, switch-ups… you name it, this girl probably tried it. Who knew she could do more than just ride pipe? Her jibbing skills landed her 1st place, followed by Charlotte Butcher in 2nd. I landed myself a nice 3rd place, after fighting with the puddles at the bottom of the first features to get to the second ones.

The Most Rugged Trick contest on the pink box was probably the most fun event of the day. Everyone piled up at the drop in and threw down! Front-board 270’s and switch back-tail 270’s are just a few of the crazy tricks that everyone pulled out of their hats. Nikki walked away with the prize for her sick style!”



Nikki Meyer


Nikki Meyer


1.Isabelle A.

2.Chantal B.

3.Kate M.


1.Christina R.

2.Livy F.

3.Mary Ann


1.Dallas Rourke

2.Charlotte Butcher

3.Sarah Payzant

Thanks to Natasha Burgess at Adrenaline Divas and Women in Snowboarding, photographer Jess Tasker, filmer Jeremy Wheaton, A1 shop, Steele Subaru, and everyone who helped out!

The Kinky Rail Jam series is sponsored by VANS,, Matix, DVS, Dialogue Headwear; sanctioned with Women in Snowboarding and BC Snowboard Association.

All photos by: Jess Tasker

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