Katie Vogel wins Kinky Rail Jam at Cypress

March 27, 2012 | Events, Featured, Gallery, Kinky Rail Jam, Photos

Hellooo Vancouver! Once again, Rugged Riders made the trek over the Coquihalla to rock out at Cypress Mountain for the Kinky Rail Jam presented by Nikita! The adventure began when the Rugged-mobile left Kelowna at 11pm and arrived in Van by 4am…only a short sleep until we woke up again at 7am to make our way to the mountain. Cypress greeted us with a little bit of fog, some fresh snow, and mild temps to start the day – that’s pretty good for Vancouver weather. Nikita reps were hanging out on course to show off the 2013 prototype Nikita snowboards and some snazzy new outerwear.

With coach/aspiring photographer Mel sharing her riding expertise while snapping candid shots on her camera, the morning clinic got underway with coach Janelle helping as well. Everyone started out mellow on the flat box and then started sessioning the battleship box as soon as it opened. Girls were cheering each other on and trying all sorts of new stunts. The game of ‘S.P.Y.’ went down with the help of guest demonstrator Angelisa Hollick with a battle royale for top spot between Kayla and Lisa. Both of them had a good shot but Kayla came out victorious and won the sweet SPY prize pack!

Lunch was a well deserved break after hiking all morning, and the riders needed to fill up with energy for the contest in the afternoon. The beginners and intermediates were banded together to form one super-category where everyone pushed their limits and tried the new tricks they learned in the AM. Natalie tried the round rail for the first time during the contest and rode away clean, earning her top spot in the super-category! In the advanced category it was Kayla battling Katie for 1st place this time, each girl with their own style and their own big bag of tricks to throw down. Katie was spinning on and off of the features and gapped the flat of the battleship. Kayla didn’t want to be outdone so she gapped it as well, and threw down some really solid tricks to earn her a 2nd place finish. Katie rode hard and hiked hard today, and her 1st place win was well deserved. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a fun day under the greybird skies!

Special thanks to Angelisa and the Nikita crew, ‘most-stoked-on-girls-shredding’ photographer Brad Fitzmaurice, couch-lender and coach Melanie Camman, judge Brittany Davis, filmer Ben Webb, Joey Krank, and Cypress Mountain!




Kayla Kobelin


Lisa Moses


Kayla Kobelin

1.Natalie Daley

2.Natalia Werth

3.Tina Chu

4.Max Huang

5.Kirsty McKay

6.Talia Varoglu


1.Katie Vogel

2.Kayla Kobelin

3.Lisa Siemens

Photos by Brad Fitzmaurice – Full photo album to come soon!

Rugged Riders ‘Kinky Rail Jam’ is presented by NIKITA and supported by SPY Optics, Under Armour, Snowboard Jamboree, DLX, Thirtytwo, Snowboardquebec.com, Long Collective, CLIF bar, NIBZ Bandanas, Snowboard Canada Women’s Annual, SBCWomen.com, Tits Deep, Betty Mag, Women in Snowboarding and Canada~Snowboard!

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