August 24, 2011 |

Are you RUGGED?

RUGGED RIDERS offers freestyle snowboard clinics, camps, and contests run BY females FOR females!

Rugged Riders is where it all started for the women’s grassroots snowboard scene in Canada, with its first snowboard event held in 2006. RR has been in operation since 2002 when its first all-girls skateboard event was held in Quebec.

Rugged Riders is run by women who are committed to compassionate, fun and environmentally-conscious living. We strive to share snowboarding with as many women as possible by communicating that snowboarding is accessible to all.

Rugged Riders envisions sharing the fun and excitement of learning, no matter what level the female rider is at. At RR we create a fun and comfortable space for women to ride and compete in by organizing female-only competitions, clinics and camps focused mainly on freestyle snowboarding.

Girls associate us with community, positive image, and being REAL in an industry that can sometimes seem fake. Girls who attend Rugged Riders events aren’t into snowboarding to look hot or pick up boys on the chairlift…they come to ride hard and progress in a fun and comfortable environment surrounded by other girls just like them. These girls know they can fall and get right back up to try it again, and that’s what makes them RUGGED.


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